It’s been a year opened this website, and lots has changed. What began with a couple backpacks quickly moved through lots of short runs, product tests, and brand development. As my work has improved, and the list of products grows, it became clear that my 2005 era email name might not be the best name for the products it was being stitched onto. After far too much brainstorming, wax+cloth was coined, and I think it fits everything  pretty well.

Waxandcloth.com is now open, and marks next chapter of an awesome adventure that all of you have helped create. If not for your motivation, suggestions, criticisms, and of course, your orders, none of this would exist. Thankfully, I’m fortunate to have an amazing support group constantly pushing me to do bigger and better things.

As part of my new site, I’m setting up a gallery for customer photos, and I’d love to see yours. Any comments are welcome, and anything shared online is greatly appreciated. I don’t think I’ll ever stop grinning when I see someone recommend my work, or posted pictures on Instagram.

Thanks for being awesome,